Admissions Criteria

At Stony Brook University we are always accepting applications from new startup, high-tech businesses. The application process can begin by contacting and meeting with the incubator’s Executive Director. This meeting is set up to discuss the applicant’s interest in an association with faculty or resources at the university, as well as the various university programs or centers that may add to the development of the entrepreneur’s business. Are you licensing university technology or collaborating with university faculty? The meeting is also to tour and see what the incubator has to offer. A formal online application needs to be filled out, and then submitted to LIHTI.

Entry into our incubator system is through presentation and approval by the Incubator Selection and Review Committee (ISRC) that meets monthly. All leases are annual and annual meetings with the ISRC are required prior to renewal. We expect a powerpoint presentation similar to an investors pitch that describes your business.

The following admissions criteria will need to be addressed:

  • What is your business about? What is market need and what is your product/service?

  • What are the milestones you have reached so far?

  • Demonstrate your ability to achieve your business goals –
    include your expertise in the field.

  • Provide a market assessment.

  • Show proof of financial stability – give a ballpark $ of your income this past year with sources and your projections for next year.

  • Describe your management and advisory team.

  • What elements of SBU would you like to utilize; why is it important to be
    at the incubator rather than in commercial space?